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Getting your hand history while playing

If you want to upload a hand you just played you can get the hand history from the PokerStars instant hand history.

This can be found by either clicking on the hand number at the top left of your table:

Or on some themes like 'Mercury' you can select from the table menu on the table:

Or by clicking the page icon in the "Hands" section of the table chatbox:

Or by using the keyboard shortcut, CTRL + I on Windows or CMD + I on Mac.

Once open you should see your instant hand history window, find the hand you are looking for in the list and then copy and paste all the text from the hand history section at the bottom:

You must ensure that the Show Summary Only checkbox is not checked.

Getting your hand history after playing

If you have just finished playing and want to get your hand history and are not using any tracking software like PokerTracker, Holdem Manager or Jivaro you can request your most recent hand history from PokerStars by doing the following in PokerStars.

  • Open "Tools"
  • Select "History & Stats"
  • Select "Get Hand History"
  • Enter the details to get the hand history you want to upload, these will then be emailed to you by PokerStars.

If you use this system to get multiple hand histories emailed to you (for example if using "My hand for last 1 hour" option) you will hand to find the specific hand history in your email and copy and paste that into the Replayer.

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